Designed by Buffy Murai, who for 25 years served as the resident artist of The Lodge of Four Seasons. “If you go into any hotel in the United States, you find a beautiful lobby, elevator or escalator. But one thing hotels often neglect is to plant flowers and trees-living things.” And that’s why the Japanese Gardens were created at The Lodge of Four Seasons.

garden with bridge and waterfall

The Gardens were dedicated in 1989, and today are home to a rare collection of Japanese trees, plants and bushes. Running throughout the gardens are a series of pools, connected by canals and waterfalls. Within the ponds are live Koi, and children today can still feed these impressive fish.

Within the Gardens are the beautiful Clover Leaf Pool and deck, and excellent location for a group’s reception or party. Also within the Gardens is a bridge, and large seating area, an ideal location for a romantic walk at dusk, or a perfect location for a wedding ceremony, with up to 200 guests.

The Gardens also overlooks the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, and even guest rooms align both sides, a preferred lodging location for over 25 years.